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Beaked Sea Snake, Death From Below? Guide & Info

Apart from the infamous sharks, sea snakes are probably people’s worst nightmares when swimming, diving or snorkeling. And rightly so. Sea snakes are among the most venomous animals on Earth.

Sea Shepherd facts

47 Sea Shepherd & Whaling Facts No One Is Telling You

Sea Shepherd has been a marine wildlife conservation powerhouse for more than 40 years now. Since its humble beginnings, it has been surrounded by controversy and media exposure and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

Best gifts for animal lovers
The Best Gifts For Animal Lovers

Looking for a gift or a product for an animal lover? You're in the right place. You'll find somethin…

Board games about animals
22 Best Board Games About Animals

Best animal themed board games you will find. See the list full of descriptions and YouTube videos a…

Ceramic animal pots and planters
60+ Cutest Ceramic Animal Pots & Planters (In 2022)

Explore the cutest and most unique ceramic animal planters available on Etsy and Amazon.

The Best New Books
The Best New Books About Animals & Wildlife

Looking for something to read or gift? We compiled the list of best new books that you can find on .…

Ceramic animal pots and planters

Succulents have really become popular in recent years because of their low maintenance and because even people with no “talent” for growing plants can keep them alive and well and fit them in their busy day-to-day schedule. Here’s our pick of animal-themed pots & planters.

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  • Are Alligators Reptiles? (Characteristics & Facts)
    Alligators are reptiles. They belong to the taxonomic class of Reptilia, sharing many characteristics with other kinds of reptiles. These include 4-legged, cold-blooded, and vertebrate features. Alligators also lay eggs, have scales, and use lungs for respiration. These …

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  • Are Bears Apex Predators? (Everything To Know)
    Apex predators are an important part of their respective ecosystems. By regulating the population and food supplies of other animals, they maintain a healthy level of biodiversity. But these predators aren’t always aggressive. In fact, a large part …

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  • 25 International Brown Cow Breeds (The Ultimate Guide)
    Brown – generally referred to as red – is one of the most common colors in cattle. Either alone or combined with white, this hue is seen in cows all over the world.  Shades can vary from fawn …

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  • Are Alligators Lizards? [Similarities & Differences]
    Alligators and lizards look a lot alike. This can cause confusion about whether or not they are the same animal. Alligators are not lizards despite their many similarities. Both animals are reptiles, which gives them some commonalities such …

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  • Are Bears Nocturnal? (Which Species Are Active At Night?)
    While humans are active during the day and sleep at night, not every animal follows this pattern. An animal’s sleep pattern can vary depending on their environment, their physical attributes, and their relationship with other organisms. Some animals …

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  • 19 Common Black Cow Breeds (The Ultimate Guide) 
    True black is one of the rarest colors in cattle. Yet, there are a few cow breeds that sport entirely black coats. Others are mostly black with a few splashes of white or red. Whether you want to …

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  • Are Alligators Bulletproof? (Anatomy & Kill Spots)
    Alligators pose a fearsome threat to homeowners and are also highly sought for their hides and meat. Whether alligators are killed for protection or sport, they are difficult to take down with bullets. Alligators are not bulletproof. They …

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  • Are Bears Canines Or Felines? (They’re Actually Ursidae…)
    Bears are neither canines or felines. Instead, they belong to a separate family called Ursidae. All three families of animals belong to the same taxonomic order, but felines have their own suborder. Dogs are closer to bears than …

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  • 20 Black And White Cow Breeds (The Ultimate Guide)
    Black and white cows are not as common as the brown or brown and white ones. However, cattle sporting these coat colors are still easy to spot in most countries. Here is a list of 20 black and …

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Best gifts for animal lovers

Looking for a gift or a product for an animal lover? You’re in the right place. If it’s for someone else or simply for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find something cute, useful or even laughing-out-loud good here.


6 Animals That Form Lifelong Friendships

Are humans the only animals that form long-lasting relationships and friendships with unrelated individuals? No, not at all. Read about animals that form friendships

52 wolf spider facts

52 Wolf Spider Facts: What You Need To Know

People either love them or hate them, but these robust and fast hunters, wolf spiders, deserve their common name and do not leave anyone indifferent.

Tarsier Facts, Photos & Videos

36+ Questions Answered About Tarsiers

The first time I saw a tarsier, I was perplexed! Is this animal for real? One second they look like they’re plotting to take over the world and the other they


22 Best Board Games About Animals

I am a huge fan of board games and I push my family to play more of them instead of gathering around the TV and watching Netflix. Because this is a website about wild animals (mostly), I’ve set out to find the board games that feature animals or have some connection to animals and nature.

Board games about animals
Good news, there’s plenty of them.
seagulls quiz

Welcome to our Seagull Quiz! This is a moderately difficult quiz about seagulls that has 8 questions…

whale quiz

Whales are easily some of the most breathtaking animals on the planet. But how much do you know abou…

shark quiz

Can you recognize different sharks? Find out in this moderately difficult quiz about sharks that has…

ocean atlantic pacific indian quiz

Welcome to our oceans quiz! This is a moderately difficult quiz about oceans that has 10 questions.