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Beaked Sea Snake, Death From Below? Guide & Info

Apart from the infamous sharks, sea snakes are probably people’s worst nightmares when swimming, diving or snorkeling. And rightly so. Sea snakes are among the most venomous animals on Earth.

Sea Shepherd facts

47 Sea Shepherd & Whaling Facts No One Is Telling You

Sea Shepherd has been a marine wildlife conservation powerhouse for more than 40 years now. Since its humble beginnings, it has been surrounded by controversy and media exposure and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ceramic animal pots and planters

Succulents have really become popular in recent years because of their low maintenance and because even people with no “talent” for growing plants can keep them alive and well and fit them in their busy day-to-day schedule. Here’s our pick of animal-themed pots & planters.

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  • Alligator: Habitat, Diet, Behavior & More (Species Overview)
    Alligators are large, intelligent reptiles that are found in warm, slow-flowing, freshwater locations in the United States and China.  Alligators can become nuisance creatures. They encroach onto people’s properties and pose risks to the health and life of …

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  • Do Alligators Eat Snakes? (Ultimate Guide)
    Alligators regularly consume venomous and water snakes. They are not picky eaters and snake venom does not affect them. Alligators are carnivorous and eat anything that fits in their mouths. Sometimes this includes plastic and even other alligators. …

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  • Are There Bears In England? (Polar, Grizzly, Black)
    There are no bears in modern England. The European brown bear went extinct in England at least 1,000 years ago from overhunting and climate change. The climate is too temperate for many bear species and has too few …

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  • Can Cows Eat Bread? (Human Foods Cows Can Eat)
    Cows can eat bread, and feeding them bread or other baked goods, including cake and cookies, is perfectly fine. The cattle feed industry even uses bakery waste and by-products to create nutrient-rich meals for cows. However, cows shouldn’t …

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  • Can Alligators Smell Blood? (Here’s The Answer)
    Alligators are powerful creatures physically. They also have powerful senses to help them successfully exhibit predatory behaviors. This includes their sense of smell. Alligators can smell blood. They can detect carcasses, wounded creatures, and even menstrual blood from …

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  • Can Bulls Swim? (Here’s What They Can Do!)
    Bulls can swim, as can cows and even the calves. Cattle often swim across bodies of water to get to better grazing spots or pastures. Like humans, they may also dip in rivers, lakes, or ponds to escape …

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  • Are Bears Smarter Than Dogs? No! (Intelligence Comparison)
    Bears are not smarter than dogs. Physically, dogs have more cortical neurons than bears, giving them higher cognitive function. In practice, dogs can solve problems, operate simple machines, and recognize human language. While bears do show signs of …

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  • Can Alligators Climb Trees? (What About Walls & Fences?)
    Alligators can climb trees, as well as textured walls and fences. Alligators have powerful tails, muscles, and claws that allow them to scale textured surfaces 6 feet or higher. They can be found lounging on branches that extend …

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  • Cow Vs. Buffalo: 9 Differences & Facts
    Cows and buffaloes are the two main types of domesticated bovines. Both species are used for similar purposes, either for the production of milk and meat or for work.  However, there are important differences between the two. Buffaloes …

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Best gifts for animal lovers

Looking for a gift or a product for an animal lover? You’re in the right place. If it’s for someone else or simply for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find something cute, useful or even laughing-out-loud good here.


6 Animals That Form Lifelong Friendships

Are humans the only animals that form long-lasting relationships and friendships with unrelated individuals? No, not at all. Read about animals that form friendships

52 wolf spider facts

52 Wolf Spider Facts: What You Need To Know

People either love them or hate them, but these robust and fast hunters, wolf spiders, deserve their common name and do not leave anyone indifferent.

Tarsier Facts, Photos & Videos

36+ Questions Answered About Tarsiers

The first time I saw a tarsier, I was perplexed! Is this animal for real? One second they look like they’re plotting to take over the world and the other they


22 Best Board Games About Animals

I am a huge fan of board games and I push my family to play more of them instead of gathering around the TV and watching Netflix. Because this is a website about wild animals (mostly), I’ve set out to find the board games that feature animals or have some connection to animals and nature.

Board games about animals
Good news, there’s plenty of them.