15 of the World’s Most Ill-Tempered Animals!

World’s Most Ill-Tempered Animals

15. Least weasel (Mustela nivalis) Despite being the smallest member of the Carnivora order, the least weasel (aka common weasel or little weasel) is a ferocious adversary. Measuring around 9 inches (22.5 cm) and weighing less than 10 ounces (280 grams), they can slaughter rabbits 10 times as heavy as themselves. They start early – killing … Read more

19 Animals That Get High

Animals That Get High

It would be naive to assume that humans are the only ones that have discovered how to get high or drunk. Whether alcohol, opium, cocaine, or caffeine, if a mind-altering substance exists in nature, animals are sure to have discovered it. 1) Dolphins Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent animals, and it might be their … Read more