Are There Spiders in Alaska? (2022 Update)

Are There Spiders in Alaska?

Spiders are those creatures that people are either okay with or absolutely terrified of. The fear of spiders is the most common fear in America. For the most part, spiders are unavoidable throughout the world. Spiders inhabit every continent, except Antarctica, because it’s too cold. If you have a deathly fear of spiders, going to … Read more

Can Wolf Spiders Hurt Cats?

Can Wolf Spiders Hurt Cats?

Cats are natural-born hunters, and they will play with and eventually eat everything they see crawling or flying around your home. Every time you see a fly, your little bundle of fur starts chattering and running around the house and turns into a vicious predator in seconds. As we often see wolf spiders around our … Read more

Can Wolf Spiders Jump? (Should You Be Worried?)

Can Wolf Spiders Jump?

If there are insects to eat, there is a big chance that the wolf spider is somewhere near, locking its eight big dark eyes in their direction. Wolf spiders live everywhere, from meadows and mountains to deserts and rainforests, basically anywhere they can find insects to eat. Not even volcanic lava tubes will prevent them … Read more

Do Spiders Sleep? (What do they do at night?)

Do Spiders Sleep?

Scientists believe that there are about 8.7 million different species of animals in the world! This includes mammals, birds, reptiles, lizards, invertebrates, and even insects! Plus, it is thought that every single one of these animals sleeps! Sleep looks a bit different for all animals. It can range from sleeping virtually all day (sloths sleep for … Read more