Do Gorillas Have Claws?

Do Gorillas Have Claws

Gorillas might be among our closest ancestors, but they are also undeniably scary. Intelligent and big, we never know what they might think of us and whether they are going to attack. Movies like those in the King Kong franchise which was established in 1933 have taken up this fear and brought it to the … Read more

Can Gorillas Talk? (How do they communicate)

Can gorillas talk

Almost everybody is aware that great apes like chimpanzees and gorillas are not only closely related to humans, but they also possess a lot of the traits that were once considered exclusively human. From the feelings they have to the interpersonal bonds they form, and, of course, the tools they use, they seem almost uncannily … Read more

Do Gorillas Have Tails?

Do Gorillas Have Tails

Most creatures in the animal kingdom have tails, but we humans do not. So you may be wondering if our distant cousins, gorillas, have tails. And if not, why are they missing tails?