Do Ducks Have Ears? (Can They Hear Us?)

Do Ducks Have Ears?

Hearing is the sense that we use to understand everything around us through an organ that we are all familiar with, the ear. It is very important in communication, how much in the human world, in the animal world, perhaps even more. I always wondered how animals perceive different sounds, especially those whose ears we … Read more

Do Ducks Eat Meat? (Do They Get Sick)

Do Ducks Eat Meat

A lot of duck owners are tempted to use their animals as a way to get rid of leftovers from the kitchen. It seems obvious that ducks, which you can witness nibbling at plants all day long, will happily consume vegetable scraps. But what about all the other things that are left over?

Do Ducks Lay Eggs In The Water?

Do Ducks Lay Eggs In Water?

You might be wondering, if ducks spend so much time in the water, do they also lay their eggs in it? The answer is simple. Mother ducks choose the location to lay their eggs very carefully. They usually nest on a patch of dry land that is close to water. They will often build their nest near … Read more