What Is the National Animal of Norway?

What Is the National Animal of Norway

Often imagined as an idyllic place of beautiful landscapes, fjords, and folklore or as the source of harsh music genres like Black Metal, Norway remains a mysterious country to many. Taking a look at the animals Norway chose to see itself represented by can make the history and wildlife of this country a bit clearer. … Read more

Do Horses Laugh?

Do Horses Laugh?

When they snort and throw back their head while showing all their teeth, horses seem unquestionably happy. But can animal facial expressions be that easily translated into the ways humans display emotion? Do horses laugh?  Unfortunately, not really. Chances are good that if you saw a horse pulling a facial expression that could be described … Read more

Do People Eat Horses? (What Do They Taste Like?)

Do People Eat Horses?

There are some animals that are considered to be a beast of burden. Horses are one such class of animals that have had a very close relationship with men. They have helped humans in wars, battles and for transporting people and material over long distances and also have been used for gambling and other purposes. However, … Read more