Do Baboons Have Tails?

Do Baboons Have Tails?

Baboons are monkeys that look quite unusual – the large tufts of hair at the sides of their faces and their red, hairless butts immediately capture the attention of an onlooker. It is no wonder, that most people are less certain about other aspects of baboon anatomy. Do baboons have tails?  Yes, they do! Since … Read more

Do Baboons Eat Meat? (Or Other Monkeys??)

Do Baboons Eat Meat?

Did you know that baboons are the largest monkeys in the world and that young baboons will play games like wrestling, swinging, and chasing with one another? Baboons also have at least ten different, unique vocalizations that they use to communicate with other baboons. Humans and baboons have a genetic similarity of about 94%! If … Read more

Why Do Monkeys Steal Other Monkeys’ Babies?

Why Do Monkeys Steal Other Monkeys' Babies?

A scene in David Attenborough’s recent Seven Worlds, One Planet shows the distressing behavior of a female macaque monkey: a childless, high-ranking female steals the baby of another female that holds an inferior position in the group. The kidnapper does not show mercy even when the baby screams for its mother, who cannot risk getting her baby … Read more

Do Monkeys Laugh? (Do Any Animals Laugh?)

Do Monkeys Laugh?

You have probably heard that monkeys are some of our closest relatives – humans and monkeys share about 90% of their DNA! So do monkeys laugh as we do? Do any animals laugh?  Do monkeys laugh?  Monkeys do not laugh in a way that is recognized by humans. Sometimes, humans mistake a monkey “smiling” for laughter. But this … Read more

Are Mandrills Dangerous?

Are Mandrills Dangerous?

With their blue and red face and their long, yellow beard, the colorful mandrills are instantly recognizable. Aside from their striking looks, most people do not know as much about mandrills as they do about apes like gorillas and chimpanzees. Mandrills simply seem more alien and have not yet been researched to that extent. What … Read more

Can Monkeys Eat Chocolate? (Or Ice Cream??)

Can Monkeys Eat Chocolate?

Although there’s no extensive research on how eating chocolate can affect monkeys (extensive research was done on dogs, cats, rats, and mice), common sense tells us that monkeys shouldn’t eat chocolate as it’s not a natural food source for them. That being said, monkeys can get “hooked” on chocolate, just as we can, and would even rob it out of your hands if an opportunity presented itself.