Are Platypus Dangerous? (Venomous or not?)

Are Platypus Dangerous?

The platypus is an interesting animal and the only mammal that lays eggs. It looks more interesting due to its duck-like beak, which it uses in lake beds to dig out invertebrates. Today, we are going to discuss if platypus is a dangerous animal.  Are Platypus Dangerous? Platypus are dangerous animals, but only during the mating season. … Read more

World’s 1st Platypus Refuge In The Works

World's 1st Platypus Refuge

World’s first refuge for endangered platypus, whose purpose is to save these unique Australian animals from the effects of climate change that has changed their natural habitat, will open northwest of Sydney. The management of Taronga Zoo has announced that it will build a facility in Dubba, a place northwest of Sydney that will provide … Read more

Can You Have A Platypus As A Pet? (Should You?)

Can you have a platypus as a pet?

Platypus, which are endemic to eastern Australia, are semiaquatic, egg-laying mammals that are intriguing and highly unusual animals with a truly unique appearance. In fact, according to the BBC, when a platypus was first brought from Australia to Britain, most who viewed the animal didn’t believe that it was real but that it was actually … Read more