Do People Eat Zebras? (+ Why Do They Have Stripes)

Do People Eat Zebras?

In most places, zebras are rare animals that are only seen in zoos. But what about those places where zebras are more common. Do people eat zebras there?  Yes, some people eat zebras. It is not much encouraged, though, since the natural habitats of zebras are continually shrinking. In some places where they used to live, … Read more

Do Zebras Live In The Jungle?

Do Zebras Live In The Jungle

If you want to find out where zebras live, why they have stripes, and if they’re related to horses, you’ve come to the right place. Do zebras live in the jungle? Zebras do not live in the jungle. They are actually absent from jungle habitats, as well as desert, rainforest, and wetland habitats. Instead of the jungle, … Read more