Do People Eat Hippos?

Do People Eat Hippos?

It’s no surprise that people eat odd or interesting things all over the world. From bugs to sharks and even monkey brains, if a human can eat it, at least one person has tried it. This simple fact has me wondering what other animals have humans eaten previously or are still eating in the present … Read more

Do Hippos Live In The Jungle?

Do Hippos Live In The Jungle

Did you know that the name hippo comes from the Greek word for “river horse?” Or that the hippo’s closest living relatives are pigs, dolphins, and whales? Or that they can live to be about 40 years old in the wild? Hippos are fascinating animals – read on to learn all about these amazing creatures!  Do hippos live … Read more

15 of the World’s Most Ill-Tempered Animals!

World’s Most Ill-Tempered Animals

15. Least weasel (Mustela nivalis) Despite being the smallest member of the Carnivora order, the least weasel (aka common weasel or little weasel) is a ferocious adversary. Measuring around 9 inches (22.5 cm) and weighing less than 10 ounces (280 grams), they can slaughter rabbits 10 times as heavy as themselves. They start early – killing … Read more

15 Most Unpredictable Animals In The World

Most Unpredictable Animals In The World

Some animals can get pretty unpredictable. That’s fine if there are no people around them, but what happens when they get aggravated while someone’s with them? Well, bad things happen. People get injured or killed. We bring you 15 most unpredictable animals in the world. 1. Black Mamba The black mamba is a skittish and wildly unpredictable … Read more

Do Hippos Have Tails? Are They Bulletproof? (+ more)

Do hippos have tails

When told to picture a hippo you will likely imagine a round-ish body and head, tiny, equally round ears, four stumpy legs, and… a tail? Or not? In their general roundness, the question of how they look from behind gets easily overlooked. Do hippos have tails? Yes! Compared to the generally large and rotund shape of a hippopotamus, … Read more