Are There Squirrels In Hawaii? (2022 Update)

Are There Squirrels In Hawaii?

In most parts of the United States, squirrels are common animals. But what about on the island state of Hawaii? Do any squirrels call Hawaii home?  Are there squirrels in Hawaii? Squirrels do not live in Hawaii! It’s the only state in the Us that doesn’t have them. Instead, Hawaii has a mongoose population. And mongoose are not actually native … Read more

Do Foxes Eat Squirrels? (Can They Catch Them?)

Do Foxes Eat Squirrels?

Arctic foxes and red foxes are among the mammalian predators that can normally eat all types of squirrels, including red and grey squirrels. Usually, foxes live in rural areas, including habitats found in farmland, woodland, and wetland, but you can also see them in urban areas. They are omnivores by nature and eat almost everything, including … Read more

Are There Squirrels In Australia?

Are There Squirrels Australia?

Have you ever wondered where in the world squirrels live? While they are very common in the United States, can they be found in other countries around the world? Plus, do squirrels live on the island continent of Australia? Keep reading for some interesting information about squirrels!   Are there squirrels in Australia? Squirrels are not native to Australia, … Read more