13 Weirdest Animals in Texas

Weirdest Animals In Texas

The Lone Star State has a great variety of wildlife and many of them were introduced and now pose a problem to the residents. Here are the 13 of the weirdest animals in Texas. 1: Feral Hogs Hundreds of years ago, hogs were introduced to the state of Texas. Originally Texas settlers introduced them with … Read more

Are Coyotes Nocturnal?

Are Coyotes Nocturnal?

Coyotes belong to a species of canine that is found in large numbers in North America. This canine has around 19 sub-species and has been allowed to grow in numbers because of various reasons. In this article, we’ll be talking about the living habits of coyotes and try to answer the question: are coyotes nocturnal.  In … Read more

Do Wolves And Coyotes Bark?

Do Wolves And Coyotes Bark

You have probably heard that wolves and coyotes are both related to dogs, so you may be wondering if these wild animals bark just like our pets do. If so, read on to find out more about wolves and coyotes, as well as their relationship to dogs.   Do wolves bark?  Wolves are extremely vocal animals. The vocalizations … Read more