Do Ants Fart? (2022 Update)

Do Ants Fart?

Tiny and mighty, ants impress us with their strength and perseverance. It is hard to imagine what is going on in these small bodies, and what they might have in common with us in terms of bodily functions. Do ants fart?  In general, it is likely that ants can fart since they possess the necessary … Read more

15 Most Unpredictable Animals In The World

Most Unpredictable Animals In The World

Some animals can get pretty unpredictable. That’s fine if there are no people around them, but what happens when they get aggravated while someone’s with them? Well, bad things happen. People get injured or killed. We bring you 15 most unpredictable animals in the world. 1. Black Mamba The black mamba is a skittish and wildly unpredictable … Read more

Are Ants Nocturnal?

Are Ants Nocturnal

When you see ants working then a question can come to your mind whether ants sleep at night or not. So let’s find out. Yes, some ants are nocturnal whereas some are diurnal. Actually, the life of ants is very complicated. You can see them working throughout the day as well as at night. Though some of the ants also … Read more

Are Insects Cold-Blooded? (How do they Survive Winter?)

Are Insects Cold Blooded

It is estimated that there are about 10 quintillion insects around the world at any given moment (that is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects!). Are all of these insects cold-blooded?  Are insects cold-blooded? Insects are indeed considered to be cold-blooded. Cold-blooded, also known as exothermic, means that they cannot produce their own body heat. Some insects will avoid the cold completely in order … Read more

Do Frogs Eat Ants?

Do Frogs Eat Ants?

Did you know that frogs have roamed the earth for about 200 million years, which means they were here at the same time as dinosaurs? Or that the world’s largest frog, the goliath frog, can grow to be up to 15 inches long? Or that there are over 6,000 different species of frogs all over the world? … Read more

What Do Ants Taste Like? (Bitter, Sweet, Spicy??)

What do ants taste like?

The eating of insects – or entomophagy, from the Greek entomos (insect) and phagein (to eat) – is often lauded as the new necessity for everyone who wants to have a diet that goes with an ecologically aware and healthy lifestyle. But, when people chose their food, it is not only important that it is nutritious and sustainably sourced, … Read more

Why Are Ants Spicy?

Why Are Ants Spicy?

There is a growing number of people that consider insects to be the food of the future. After all, there is a basically never-ending supply of them! Therefore, it is definitely not too far-fetched to think about the taste these tiny omnipresent creatures might have. Of course, there are also other reasons for thinking about this – … Read more

Do Ants Have Brains? (Are they intelligent?)

Do ants have brains

No matter how annoying ants might be when they find a way into your apartment via the tiniest gap or ruin an idyllic picnic in the woods with their bites, they are also quite fascinating. We admire their knack for teamwork, collaboration, and organization and the often impressive anthills they build. But how does it all work? How … Read more