12 Animals with a Pouch (with Pictures)

Marsupials are members of the infraclass Marsupialia, and they’re all animals with a pouch. They give birth to very small and fragile offspring, so they keep them in their pouches for a while until they’re strong enough to meet the real world. Because of this, animals with a pouch belong to their own class, and … Read more

10 Animals with Antlers (Pictures)

Everyone knows that deer have antlers, but they’re certainly not the only animals with antlers.  Very similar in their shape and content to horns, antlers are a crucial tool to many animal species, and some of the most famous animals with antlers are: Pudu Mountain Reindeer White-tailed Deer Moose Black-tailed Deer Rocky Mountain Elk Roosevelt … Read more

11 Animals with Webbed Feet (Pictures Included)

Everyone knows that animals with webbed feet are good swimmers, but that’s not the only purpose of this tissue forming on the feet. In today’s article, we’ll be learning about a few species of animals with webbed feet and ingenious ways they use them. The best examples are: Fishing Cats Moles Platypuses Otters Penguins Water … Read more

12 Animals with Trunks (With Pictures)

While they are without a doubt the most famous species, elephants aren’t the only animals with trunks.  In fact, there are at least a dozen species known to man that have found a smart way to utilize this tool. Take a look at all the animals with trunks on the list below: Aardvarks Moles Proboscis … Read more

12 Animals with Big Noses (Pictures)

Big noses are often a wanted feature in wildlife, and animals with big noses usually put them to good use. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at animals with big long noses, such as: Goblin Shark Black Rhinoceros South American Coatis Bushpigs Pinocchio Frogs Long-nosed Bandicoots Pinocchio Lizard Aardvarks Proboscis Monkeys Mandrills Hippopotamus … Read more

11 Examples of Animals with No Teeth (With Pictures)

Not all animals need to chew their food, so it’s only natural that there are animals with no teeth, as many species got rid of them through evolution. We’re currently aware of at least 11 groups or species of animals with no teeth: Anteaters Insects Turtles Birds Octopuses Baleen Whales Pangolins Platypuses Toads Echidnas Worms … Read more

What Animals Can’t Swim – 10 Examples with Pictures

Even though most animals know how to keep themselves afloat by instinct, there are animals that can’t swim because of the way their bodies are structured. Learn what animals can’t swim below! Hippopotamus Gorillas Chimpanzees Black and White Rhinos Toads Giraffes Tortoises Most Birds Prairie Dogs Chinchillas *Note: Animals are ranked in no particular order. … Read more