Are Bats Smart? (2022 Update)

Are Bats Smart?

Comprising around one-fifth of all mammals on the planet and found on every continent apart from Antarctica, it’s no surprise bats have featured so heavily in popular culture for hundreds of years. Scientists believe that bats are intelligent and highly adaptable creatures that have tools such as echolocation at their disposal, they have complicated social … Read more

13 Weirdest Animals in Texas

Weirdest Animals In Texas

The Lone Star State has a great variety of wildlife and many of them were introduced and now pose a problem to the residents. Here are the 13 of the weirdest animals in Texas. 1: Feral Hogs Hundreds of years ago, hogs were introduced to the state of Texas. Originally Texas settlers introduced them with … Read more

19 Animals That Get High

Animals That Get High

It would be naive to assume that humans are the only ones that have discovered how to get high or drunk. Whether alcohol, opium, cocaine, or caffeine, if a mind-altering substance exists in nature, animals are sure to have discovered it. 1) Dolphins Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent animals, and it might be their … Read more