25 Brilliant Antechinus Facts (2022 UPDATE)

25 Facts About Antechinus

Have you ever heard of an animal called the antechinus? Not many people have, but these small marsupials are native to Australia and they are very unique and just oh so cute! Read on to learn all about these tiny, but interesting animals!  1. What do antechinuses look like? Antechinuses have short, dense, and coarse grayish-brown fur that … Read more

Are Wombats Friendly? (Can You Pet Them?)

Are Wombats Friendly?

When it comes to the astounding and often surreal wildlife of Australia, wombats are among the most beloved animals. They are round, they look adorable, and you just want to hug them. But should you? Are wombats friendly?  Unfortunately, not really. Baby wombats live up to their cuddly reputation, but once a wombat has grown up … Read more

Are Kangaroos Mammals?

Are Kangaroos Mammals?

There are many people who are a bit confused about this topic because there are some unique things about kangaroos as far as their genetics are concerned. But are kangaroos mammals? Yes, Kangaroos are mammals. This is because they belong to the family of marsupials. Marsupials are a sub-type of mammals. When we talk about marsupials, we … Read more