Are Beluga Whales Dangerous?

Are Beluga Whales Dangerous?

Whales are some of the biggest predators in the oceans. Have you ever wondered if these creatures are dangerous? What about beluga whales – are they dangerous? Here we take a look at beluga whales and if any of the other whale family members are considered dangerous.  Are beluga whales dangerous?  Beluga whales can be dangerous when … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Friendly? (2022 Update)

Are Beluga Whales Friendly?

“Baby beluga in the deep blue seas, swim so wild and swim so free.” Have you ever heard that famous “Baby Beluga” song? Learn more about the real-life animal that inspired that classic children’s song.   Are beluga whales friendly?  Beluga whales are indeed very friendly animals! These creatures are very social, and they love being with their … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Dolphins?

Are Beluga Whales Dolphins

Sure, beluga whales are called whales, but they do look very different from blue whales, sperm whales, or even orcas. They are smaller, are quite chatty and social, all of which tend to remind aquarium visitors of another marine mammal. Are beluga whales dolphins?  Are Beluga Whales Dolphins? Beluga Whales are not dolphins. Beluga whales belong … Read more