60+ Cutest Ceramic Animal Pots & Planters (In 2022)

Succulents have really become popular in recent years because of their low maintenance and because even people with no “talent” for growing plants can keep them alive and well and fit them in their busy day-to-day schedule.

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Most of these ceramic planters and pots are on the smaller size and will fit only small succulents, cacti, or air plants. Make sure you are familiar with the size of the pot before you order so there are no surprises when the package arrives.

I, personally, always read reviews to see if the size is true to the description and the photos.

Let’s jump right in shall we…

Cute Ceramic Animal Set

This set of 5 premium ceramic pots features an elephant, owl, cow, fox and cat. This animal collection is the perfect whimsical accessory for any table, desk, countertop or bookshelf.

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09/22/2021 09:02 am GMT

Inspired by unusual animal friendships, these cute planters come with a story that will melt your heart. Get your creative juices flowing as you discover how they became a herd and pass on the tale when you gift them for Christmas, a house warming, wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day or any other occasion!

Personalized Ceramic Cat Planter

Adorable personalized cat or pet planter according to your preferences.

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How cute is this cat-shaped planter! And it’s customizable with a name or even made in the colors and shape of your pet. Check it out in the store named Barruntando Ceramics on Etsy.

72-Pack 1.75" Mini Assorted Succulents 72-Pack 1.75" Mini Assorted Succulents

A colorful assortment of 1.75" mini succulents - perfect for DIY projects, terrarium making, container gardening, and fairy gardening.

Unglazed Llama & Goat Rough Pottery

Handmade pots using a blend of ceramic and sand, each planter features a natural rough feel mixed with a sleek ceramic finish to create a rustic-chic design.

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09/25/2022 05:58 pm GMT

Apart from looking lovable, they serve as practical planters by engaging bottom drainage hole and including 2 drainage mesh pads in the suite to enable a healthy and breathable living environment. The surface layer also creates air circulation for the roots.

Black Ceramic Capybara Planter

This nice character is one of the works of the designer Bia Melo and its name is Kapy.

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Capybara fans will looove this white ceramic planter with black finish. It looks really fancy and will look great in a modern apartment or office.

Hedgehog Planter

Air plant included.

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This hedgehog planter comes with an adorable air plant that is easy to care for. See the shop’s other planters here on Etsy.

Cute Hanging Sloth Planter

Sloth Hanging Planter is great for succulent plants, cactus, air plants, bonsai, flowers, wild mini-plants...

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This planter set includes sloth hanging planter, sloth ring holder and sloth make up bag. Add that special touch to your home sloth décor with this adorable Sloth Plant Hanging Pot.

Add a touch of class with this well-made rhino planter.

6Pcs Ceramic Owl Planter Pots

Collection of cute owl planters.

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Adorable owls that will look great as singles or as a set.

Cute Frog Pot

Perfect for succulents.

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This froggy is available from SavaKeramika on Etsy. They have plenty of handmade adorable planters and hanging pots available.

What the Fucculent, Coffee Mug

Funny mug for all succulent aficionados.

White Black
Kawaii Planters

These quirky pots include a set of 4 different colors planter and 4x bamboo trays.

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09/22/2021 09:02 am GMT

Add some colors to your home with these kawaii pots – ideal for windowsill, office table, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom decoration. 

Puppy Planters

Handmade from scratch by a team of talented craftsmen and go through an intricate production process of 60 days, hence, no two pots are the same.

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09/22/2021 09:02 am GMT

These cute pots are packaged in a gift-ready box, and are a great gift. Included are 3 dog-shaped ceramic succulent planters with drainage holes, 3 hole mesh pads, 3 hole plugs, and 6 blank plant tags. Each pot measures approximately L4.7 x W5.4 x H4.7 inches with a 3-inch opening.

Owl Mini Pots

OWL OWL OWL!!! Ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home.

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09/22/2021 06:23 pm GMT

These petite owl planters have a simple and sleek contemporary design are will fit anywhere.

Our Pick
Essential Succulents: The Beginner's Guide Essential Succulents: The Beginner's Guide

In recent years, succulents have become increasingly popular for their low-maintenance use as indoor decoration and in-home gardening. In Essential Succulents, budding succulent enthusiasts will gain the know-how needed to begin growing, decorating with, and enjoying these amazing plants.

09/22/2021 03:10 pm GMT
Modern & Adorable Flower Pots

Cute, Stylish, Minimalistic & Truly Unique

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Add a touch of character to any space with this charming planter available on Etsy. The marble effect pot and stand set are certain to make a statement.

Mini Whale Air Planter

This little planter is designed especially for air plants. Air plants only require watering about once a week and do not require soil.

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09/22/2021 05:59 pm GMT

This mini whale planter is an awesome addition to your home or office desk.

Self Watering Planter

Happy ceramic creatures with long tongues that soak up water to feed to your plant. Includes water bowl for your creatures to dip their tongues in.

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09/25/2022 05:58 pm GMT

If you want a quirky planter that requires almost no maintenance – here it is. This self-watering planter does all the heavy lifting.

Animal Figurine Flower Pot

This simple design showcases a story of a rabbit taking care of their succulents then returning home to their hole.

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Another gem from Etsy. This cute flower pot is available from Etsy shop Our Little Nature and has two quirky variations.

Small Fox Succulent Planters

Mini flower pots are handmade from durable/breathable ceramics baked in high temperatures.

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09/22/2021 09:01 am GMT

Perfect planters for all fox and animal lovers.

Elephant Planters For Succulents

Available in three different colors - black, green, and white.

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This succulent planter straddles the line between functional decoration and an artistic interpretation of elephant art. It’s available from Etsy shop Claylicious.

6 Piece Quirky Planters

Part of the new collection. Ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home.

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How cute are these little planters! Display them together or solo all over the apartment or backyard patio.

Polar Bear Planter

Due to its size, it is ideal for small plants such as cactus or succulents plants, or for Tillandsias or air plants, but you can also use it as a bowl for storing candy or small treasures or for any other use, it is great anywhere.

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Perfect planters for polar bear fans from my favorite shop on Etsy for pots and planters – BarruntandoCeramics.

Mini Doggy Succulent Planters

The plant pot's approximate size is 4.5*3.6*3.5 inches, and the color may vary slightly as each succulent pot is handmade by a craftsman.

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09/22/2021 04:36 pm GMT

Designed by a talented artist and made from high-quality clay, these mini cute plant pots are perfect for succulents and flowers, besides, they can be a holder for pencils, brushes, or coins.

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Set of round wooden floating plant shelves Set of round wooden floating plant shelves

Your small plants will never be unnoticed on this eye-catching minimalist plant holder.

Cutest Giraffe Tabletop Planter

Adorable decorative small planter pot.

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09/22/2021 04:03 pm GMT

This is just cute as a button and a great gift for giraffe lovers.

Ceramic Shark Planter

Limited edition. The design will not be repeated with this kind of painting anymore.

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Handmade ceramic Shark planter decorated in yellow and blue will become a cozy home for your succulent or plant. Find it in Etsy store called HappyFoxMe.

2 x Elephant Succulent Planter

Set of two elephants: a mother and baby elephant.

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Cutest mother and baby elephant planters will look amazing on any window or cabinet.

Set of 4 Colorful Ceramic Succulent Planter

These ceramic planters can endure the outdoor weather conditions in your garden or keep you company in your home or office.

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09/22/2021 08:47 pm GMT

Quirky, colorful, unique. Nuff said!

Gray Owl Medium Planter

Crafted with care and only using the high-end porcelain that is durable and hard to chip. You won’t have to worry about cracks or breaking your pots that easily.

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09/22/2021 08:09 pm GMT

After the colorful planters, this gray owl is a more subtle design that will look better in modern settings.

Ceramic Lamb Planter

Hand-painted with pigments.

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Another planter from HappyFoxMe. I just had to include these lamb planters because they’re are sooo wonderful.

4-Pack of 6" Cute Alpacas

A great conversation starter in the middle of your living room and the perfect gift for all plant lovers.

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09/22/2021 07:14 pm GMT

Place your favorite greenery inside these sumptuous small plant pots and display the whimsical alpacas separately or together in your favorite sunny spot.

Our Pick
Set of round wooden floating plant shelves Set of round wooden floating plant shelves

Your small plants will never be unnoticed on this eye-catching minimalist plant holder.

Wonderful Animal Friends Planters

Available as Cat, Owl, Pig, Frog, Dog, and Chicken. Size: 3.93 x 3.93 x 2.55 inches / 10 x 10 x 6.5 cm

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Small plants will never be unnoticed with these eye-catching animal planters. Get it from this Etsy shop.

Talavera Pottery Piggy Flower Pot

Made of fine high-quality ceramic, planter is poured thick and sturdy to stand the test of time.

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09/22/2021 06:40 pm GMT

Jayde N’ Grey Talavera pottery pieces are truly one of a kind. These pieces are not mass produced by machines. They are hand poured and painted in Mexico by skilled artisans one by one so that no two pieces are exactly alike!

Find more of their designs here.

Hot Diggity Dog Planter

Handbuilt ceramic planter in the shape of a dog with funny ears.

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Each one of these quirky planters is made by hand, not on the wheel, so it is one of a kind, and can have an irregular natural form. Doggy can be also used as a cup or a container.

This Polish shop is selling their quirky stuff under the name LamaboCeramics on Etsy.

Talavera Turtle Succulent Planter

Perfect for anything from succulents to herbs or flowers. You can't go wrong with this as a gift. Even if it's a gift to yourself!

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09/22/2021 06:15 pm GMT

Another lovely talavera pot design. If you love Mexican design, you will love this planter.

72-Pack 1.75" Mini Assorted Succulents 72-Pack 1.75" Mini Assorted Succulents

A colorful assortment of 1.75" mini succulents - perfect for DIY projects, terrarium making, container gardening, and fairy gardening.

Ricardo Raccoon Plants Pot

Perfect for succulents, cacti, or any other style of a small plant.

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These cute planters are an excellent way for you to kick-start your own lush mini garden at home!

Yellow Ceramic Succulent Planter

Little Cute Ceramic Planter, the perfect vessel for Succulent, Cactus and Air Plants.

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I love the simple, elegant and modern shape of this planter! Great for succulents, candles, or as a trinket!

Handmade Ceramic Fox

Colorful fox planter made to stand out.

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If you’ve been searching for a unique and interesting planter to add to your home decor, then how can you go past this adorable fox.

4'' Yellow Duck Ceramic Succulent Pots

Set of three lovely ducks.

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09/22/2021 05:36 pm GMT

Classic little yellow duck design will make this piece a stand out in your home decor. There’s a bigger version available as well.

Cache Pot de Fleur

Colorful animal planters. Adorable gift. Available in two sizes and five animal designs.

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Grab one of these adorable pots to make your place stand out.

Mom And Baby Giraffe Planters

Measures approximately:

Big - 13L * 7W * 27H cm

Small - 11L * 6W * 19 H cm

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Another Etsy find. These cute giraffes are handmade from ceramics and love and available in Etsy shop IkkiTreasures.

Rob The Deer Stylish Animal Planter

These large animal shaped planters have detachable legs which raise them to a height convenient for plant care and watering.

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09/22/2021 03:55 pm GMT

Funky zoo animal planter designs appeal to children and adults alike and are a great way to get the whole family involved in creating an imaginative urban gardening kit.

For all the crocodilian lovers out there (are there any??).

Great Gift
Thinking of You Gift Box Thinking of You Gift Box

Gift this DIY Succulent Garden Kit to a friend or loved one and let them know how much you love them! All supplies needed to create a fully-customizable garden kit are provided inside!

Nordic Ceramic Giraffe Planter

Large and subtle giraffe planter.

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Another giraffe but this time with a more subtle design that because of its size will definitely not go unnoticed. Find it on Etsy as well.

Set of 6 Ceramic Planters

Life is better with succulents!

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Arguably the most unique animal planters on the list! I love these.

Ceramic Bear Planters

Each pot is made by hand, not on the wheel, so it's one of a kind, can have an irregular natural form and it will vary slightly.

3-Pack Single

These cartoon bears have sweet nose, ears, big eyes, and a small tail. In translation; they’re adorable!

This birdie-shaped hanging vase is the perfect pot to make your favorite plant fly! Also available as a bat or pig in this Etsy shop.

Jellyfish Air Plant

This little blue jellyfish (approximately 1" tall) comes with an air plant already attached (air plant is between 2" & 3" tall) and hangs lightly on a 12" thread. 

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Tiny jellyfish-shaped planter is a great fit for office and comes with an air plant included.

Cute Bunny Mini Happy Succulent Planter

2x2 inch ceramic planter with a hole for drainage.

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A perfect little gift for new job, dorm room, office or….just cause!

Streamline Ceramic Fox Flower Planter Pot

This orange-faced fox features a sweet heart-shaped nose and adorable pointed ears.

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09/22/2021 04:31 pm GMT

Made from painted ceramic, this fox comes home in a graphic color box ready for gifting to yourself or a friend. At just 4.5 inches tall, this fox fits in as a unique vase or pot option that goes beyond the standard glass or terracotta options.

Ceramic Wolf Succulent Planter

Made using high-quality clay, glaze, and genuine gold.

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Another adorable Etsy find. This wolf planter is just the cutest house warming gift.

Funny Fish Ceramic Planter

Made of refractory stoneware, modeled and glazed with orange and yellow glaze.

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Perfect gift for those who love the sea, nature, and bright colors. Also ideal for embellishing a kitchen or even in the bathroom and a perfect decoration for the terrace.

Creative White Hanging Whale Planter

It's 9.5 inches long in white stoneware.

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09/22/2021 04:44 pm GMT

Fancy pearl-white whale will look very upscale wherever you hang it.

Animals Blowing Bubble Gum

The vases are suitable for real and artificial flowers.

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OK, so this planter isn’t made of ceramic but from resin and I HAD to include it because it’s just so unique.

Sheep Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Size: ( Rhino ) 15.5 x 7 x 7 cm

( Hedgehog ) 12.5 x 6.5 x 7 cm

( Sheep ) 16 x 10 x 8 cm

( Dog ) 15.7 x 9.5 x 8 cm

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I love sheep, and living in Ireland I get to see a lot of them just grazing all over the country. Happy me!

Set of 6 Safari Animals

Trendy animal succulent planters, each a small size approximately as tall as a chapstick, for your favorite succulents, cacti or small plants.

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09/22/2021 08:31 pm GMT

Perfect for indoor use, the planters feature an underside drainage hole to allow water to quickly drain through when watering.

Sea Turtle Planter Pot for Succulent or Cactus

These tortoise planter pots are perfect gifts: their handmade nature makes them unique and precious.

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A sea turtle planter pot to keep your favorite cactus good company!

Set of 3 Ceramic Birds Succulent Planter Pots

Made of superior ceramic material, durable and artistic.

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Place your favorite greenery inside these sumptuous small plants pots and display the whimsical pair separately or together in your favorite sunny spot. 

Black Bear Planter

This pot measures about 10cm tall and 9cm wide (4" x 3.5").

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A black bear ceramic planter. This pot makes a great planter or utensil pot.

Ceramic Sloth Flower Pot



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09/22/2021 07:41 pm GMT

Sloth design is perfectly suitable for hanging flower pots. They’re adorable and they’re hanging all the time in real life.

Cute Rabbit Ceramic Plant Flower Pot

Size: 5.3"*3.9"*6.1"

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09/25/2022 05:59 pm GMT

One of the cutest designs on this list. It’s just cute as a button!

Perfect way to end this post – set of six adorable and full of life planters. Gotta have them all!