Do Ants Fart? (2022 Update)

Do Ants Fart?

Tiny and mighty, ants impress us with their strength and perseverance. It is hard to imagine what is going on in these small bodies, and what they might have in common with us in terms of bodily functions. Do ants fart?  In general, it is likely that ants can fart since they possess the necessary … Read more

Do Spiders Sleep? (What do they do at night?)

Do Spiders Sleep?

Scientists believe that there are about 8.7 million different species of animals in the world! This includes mammals, birds, reptiles, lizards, invertebrates, and even insects! Plus, it is thought that every single one of these animals sleeps! Sleep looks a bit different for all animals. It can range from sleeping virtually all day (sloths sleep for … Read more

Can Earwigs Fly? (OMG, What??)

Can Earwigs Fly?

A number of myths about earwigs abound, one of them being the question of whether they can fly. Keep reading because we’re here to answer that for you. Around the world there are over 2,000 different species of earwig living on every continent apart from Antarctica. Despite their numbers and geographical spread, seeing one in … Read more

12 Gratifying Venezuelan Poodle Moth Facts

Venezuelan poodle moth

You’ve probably never heard of the Venezuelan poodle moth, but you’ve likely seen a picture of two of these one-of-a-kind insects online over the past couple of years! Here, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting facts on these unique moths, plus some info on some other “strange” moth species!  1. The Venezuelan poodle moth has a … Read more