Are Goldfish Carp? (Are They Really Different?)

Are Goldfish Carp?

If you love fish in general and goldfishes in particular, then it is quite obvious that you will find this article interesting and informative. We will try and find answers to a common question: are goldfish carp? Though goldfish and carp fish are related, there is no doubt that they are both different species because there are … Read more

What Animals Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

What Animals Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Unihemispheric sleep is a special adaptation that allows animals to sleep with their eyes open. Basically, what happens is that one half of their brain sleeps, while the other half of their brain stays awake! This allows animals to get the rest they need while also staying alert to any dangers that may appear. This special way of … Read more

Can Fish See Water? (Or Colors)

Can fish see water?

Have you ever really thought about how we are surrounded by air but cannot see it? Sometimes, when it is very windy, we can feel it, but mostly it is simply there. How about fish – how do they relate to the element that surrounds them?