Are Platypus Dangerous? (Venomous or not?)

Are Platypus Dangerous?

The platypus is an interesting animal and the only mammal that lays eggs. It looks more interesting due to its duck-like beak, which it uses in lake beds to dig out invertebrates. Today, we are going to discuss if platypus is a dangerous animal.  Are Platypus Dangerous? Platypus are dangerous animals, but only during the mating season. … Read more

Are Bats Smart? (2022 Update)

Are Bats Smart?

Comprising around one-fifth of all mammals on the planet and found on every continent apart from Antarctica, it’s no surprise bats have featured so heavily in popular culture for hundreds of years. Scientists believe that bats are intelligent and highly adaptable creatures that have tools such as echolocation at their disposal, they have complicated social … Read more

Do People Eat Pandas?

Do People Eat Pandas?

Panda Bears are known to be rather cute and harmless animals. They mainly eat bamboo and are relatively lazy compare to other bears on the planet. They’re not known to be aggressive towards humans, although mother Panda Bears can be aggressive if they feel their young are being threatened. These animals are native to southeast … Read more