50 Animals Stuck In Weird Places (Oh Boy!)

Wild animals and pets alike can be very clumsy at times. And, as you’ll soon see, they can get in a very sticky situation. Luckily for these animals, there was someone at hand to help them. Without further ado, here are 50 animals that got stuck in weird places. As far as we can tell, no animal was hurt 😍🤗

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1) Hedgehog

Captured by the German Animal Rescue this hedgehog got himself stuck. With his head wedged behind a stack of bricks, the little critter was thankfully easy to free.

2) Rat

Regardless of the season, many rodents have a tendency to overeat. This rat definitely had a bit too much, getting himself stuck in the storm drain cover. With the help of German Animal Control, he was able to get free.

3) Deer

This Long Island native got herself stuck in pool cover. The deer made various attempts to get free before finally making a heroic exit, running off unharmed.

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4) Raccoon

Found by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department with its head in a jar was this sweet raccoon. After calming the animal they were able to remove the can and set it free.

5) Fox

One report tells the story of a fox that got itself stuck in a car bumper! Whiteside County Sheriff’s office was called to the scene to help pull the animal from the car, and successfully I might add!

6) Nosey Puppy

Like so many curious creatures this puppy just doesn’t know to keep his nose to himself. In this case, I bet the next-door neighbors were grilling something tasty, I hope it was worth it!

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7) Mini Horse

From somewhere in Scotland comes the tale of a wandering mini horse that fell into a concrete drain. Nearly 4.5 ft down the pony had to be pulled out using a specialized harness.

8) Great Horned Owl

This beautiful, but not so wise, bird was hit by a car. Upon impact, its head became stuck in the grill of the vehicle. Local animal rescue was able to free the bird safely by cutting around the head.

9) Fox

In Bristol, a young fox was found with a head stuck in the center of a car tire. Crews arrived and worked to oil his head and were ultimately able to get him out.

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10) Black Cat

This cat was found with his head stuck in the zipper of a duffle bag. Perhaps he was nosing around looking for some stray catnip or snacks, either way, I don’t think he looks happy with the result.

11) Snake

This large snake, who looks to be Australian, is stuck with his head in food can. Not a great look for the slithering mate, but who am I to pass judgment on fashion.

12) Horse

For such large animals, horses can be pretty clumsy. This Mr. Ed got his head wedged in a tight tree nook and apparently decided to take a seat while waiting for help to arrive. “Uh hurry up Wilbur!”

13) Parakeet

This gentile bird seems to have gotten its head stuck in one of its favorite toys. These balls often have treats inside them, I am sure that was the motivation. It is not very often that all we see is tail feathers, hopefully this little guy has learned his lesson!

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14) Husky

Just trying to be one of the cats, this Husky is stuck in his feline friend’s cat tree. Someone needs to tell him there is a weight, and a width, limit!

15) Dog

If there any situation I feel like most people can sympathize with, it is the plight of this pup. He was just trying out the new hammock when his legs slide through the mesh, making it impossible to escape. Poor guy, just trying to unwind.

16) Kitty

There are a lot of cats who seem to love strings and hoses. This one, in particular, got himself stuck in a garden hose. All wrapped up like a mummy and just trying to reach the catnip.

17) Puppy Duo

This dynamic duo got themselves stuck in the dog door as they try to make a mad dash for the backyard. I wonder who had the idea to run through together?

18) Hanging Kitten

I often find myself staring aimlessly into my closet rather hung up on my choices… but this kitten takes it to a whole new level.

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19) Camel

Firefighters in the US state of Oregon have had to use all their shovelling skills to do a delicate job: dig a camel out of a sinkhole.

They were called by the Clackamas County owners of the 1,500lb (680kg) animal, named Moses, who said they were simply unable to free him.

20) Baby Indian elephant

This baby elephant was found after he fell into a local well. Rescue teams arrived quickly to the scene with heavy equipment to free the tiny tike

21) Pigeon

Another understandable maneuver. This bird seems to have eaten his way through the best part of the slice and now all he is left with is the crust, which is stuck around his head like a necklace.

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23) Lizard

Like an adorable little lizard, you may think that most crevices are easy to get in, and out, of. Well, this is not the case for our pudgy friend who is stuck in a hole in a tarp.

Found a lizard stuck in a grommet.

24) Lizard 2

This poor guy has found himself stuck in a drain cover. Head-first the lizard must have been on the move, hopefully this didn’t slow him down too much!

26) Frog

Firefighters were called to rescue a frog stuck in a drain cover. Using an electric saw the crew was able to free the amphibian’s legs and pull him out.

27) Tree Frog

Found stuck in crack of a watering can this tree frog seems to be pretty stuck. Thankfully he does eventually muster the strength to break free.

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28) Toad

Talk about strange places! This toad is stuck headfirst in a VCR, with his plump cheeks and little legs sticking out.

29) Cat

Cats are masters of escape, usually. This cat is stuck behind couch cushions, reaching up for help with only his little paws visible.

30) Pug

This dog was found stuck waist down in a couch. This little dude managed to wedge himself into the back cushions of the couch and get stuck with his legs trapped.

31) Puppy

If you ever wonder where your dog has run off to, check under your couch. This puppy was stuck not only underneath the couch but IN the underneath of the couch!

Good Hiding Spot…

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32) Cat

This cat chewed a hole in her carrier and then got her head stuck. 🙀

My cat chewed a hole in her carrier and then got her head stuck

33) Sharon the Cat

This is Sharon. She likes to get her head stuck in the back of a kitchen chair. Silly Sharon.

34) Another 😺

Somehow this cat managed to get herself stuck between screen and glass sliding door. Fortunately her owner was nearby to come to the rescue.

35) Baby squirrel

I can not imagine being stuck in a toilet… unfortunately this poor baby squirrel could tell us all about it. Thankfully the kind homeowner reaches into the pit and saves him.

36) Oregon cat

This cat finds herself stuck in a sticky situation when she gets stuck trying to find scraps in the dishwasher. Lucky for her she was noticed before it was turned on! “Honey, what cycle do we wash the cat on??”

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37) Frenchie

This French bulldog got stuck on the dishwasher rack while he was helping to clear plates. Can’t blame the boy for trying to pitch in with the housework!

38) Seal Pup

While only resembling a seal this pup seems to be a bit confused about which shirt was his… and I definitely think he may be a bit confused on the ‘head hole-arm hole’ concept.

39) Cow

After wandering around long enough this cow decided to try a car for once! Not a bad idea of you ask me, but perhaps a Hummer would be a better fit.

40) Kitty

They say curiosity killed the cat… thankfully that wasn’t the case here. But she is very very stuck! Sometimes you get just get thirsty I suppose.

41) Ferrets

Ferrets are slinky creatures, but unfortunately, this poor chap was not nearly slinky enough. Stuck in a toilet paper tube he probably thought he had plenty of room.

42) Brown Cow

It is a hard life always looking at the grass on the other side of the fence. This cow decided it was time for that to change… too bad his vertical jump didn’t quite match up.

So close to freedom

43) Kitten

This curious little kitten ran into some trouble on laundry day. After getting his head stuck in a sock and thrashing about for almost a minute he finally gets free.

44) Chinchilla

Chinchillas are funny little furballs. This pet gets stuck headfirst in a vase and has a lot of trouble getting out until his owner gently flips the vase.

45) Skunk

This Skunk was found with his head stuck in a to go cup… yet another reminder to throw your trash in a can. Thankfully a friendly law enforcement officer was able to carefully remove the cup and free the animal.

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46) Boa

A woman in Oregon had to make a visit to the ER when her pet boa got stuck in her earlobe! This may be one of the strangest places to get stuck… poor snake.

47) Bear Cub

A family in Wisconsin saves a bear cub on their fishing trip. The bear was seen swimming in the lake with a large plastic jar stuck on his head.

48) Cheetah

At a Japanese Zoological park, a cheetah was seen stuck in a tree but this wasn’t your normal “cat up a tree” predicament. The animal is stuck between two emerging trunks near the ground and does manage to free himself. With no help from his friend who is seen standing by, I might add.

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49) Deer

The little shown here is fawn stuck in the railing of someones front porch. Shortly after this photo was taken the deer was freed.

50) Raccoon

While Raccoons are often called trash pandas, this name may not be fitting for this bandit. A group of Florida high schoolers was surprised to find a raccoon stuck inside one of their school’s vending machines.

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