Are Ostriches Mean And Dangerous?

Various types of birds have been domesticated and bred by many for thousands of years. However, when it comes to breeding ostriches in a domestic environment there are a few questions that come to our mind. In this article, our main objective and goal is to try and find answers to the question: are ostriches mean and dangerous? 

They are the largest birds that exist on the earth today. Though their size may not make them suitable for breeding domestically, there are many who do it. However, these birds can be dangerous and mean especially when their territory is under threat and when their eggs and little ones are attacked. There have been many instances where these large animals have taken on other wild animals like lions and tigers. 

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A few interesting facts about ostriches 

Ostriches are also known as Struthio Camelus and they are mostly seen in many sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Because of the huge size and weight, flying is impossible as far as they are concerned. However, they make up this drawback by being one of the fastest-running living beings on planet earth.

They are known to touch speeds of 43 miles per hour. This perhaps makes them dangerous and intimidating and this often is considered as being mean. Hence, if you are planning to breed them in captivity, you must be quite clear about their behavioral tendencies.

You must make sure that you are able to provide them with the right type and size of land so that they do not become restless and this could lead to their dangerous behavior. This could not only help in domesticating ostriches but also exercise caution when dealing with them in the wild. 

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Is it possible to breed ostriches domestically? 

Ostrich with chicks
Ostrich with chicks

We must bear in mind that there are different subspecies of the common ostrich. You should keep in mind that they are not wild. If you look for domesticating this bird you must look for a hybrid between two different variants, i.e. North African Ostrich and Red-Necked Ostrich.

The Red Necked ostrich is an endangered species and therefore they are also known to be aggressive at times. The new breed is also not fit to be bred in the wilderness and this point should also be kept in mind. 

Why are they considered dangerous?

The sheer size and weight of ostriches make them dangerous. There are some species of ostriches that can grow to around 9 feet tall and the neck itself contributes to half that length. They also reach a weight of around 150 kilograms or roughly around 330 pounds.

This again makes them huge birds and the sheer appearance could be quite intimidating. The mother ostriches, in particular, are extremely ferocious when it comes to protecting their eggs from predators and even the small chicks are protected quite fiercely. This also makes them quite ferocious. Hence, you must keep these facts in mind before you even try to get close to ostriches especially in the wild.  


Can you keep them as pets? 

Male ostriches are quite different when compared to females. The males come with stunted wings and they are covered with black feathers. Both the male and female ostriches are quite fast. A single egg of an ostrich can weigh anywhere between 1 to 2 kilograms and the shell is very hard. 

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You must understand their psyche 

If you wish to breed them in a domestic environment, there are a few more things that you must bear in mind. You must be well versed in understanding their psyche as best as you can. Stay away from their straight line of view especially when they are in mating seasons or protecting their eggs and little ones. It may take some time before you are able to domesticate them.