All About Baby Eagles (Eaglets) | Facts, Photos & Videos

Looking to find out more about cute baby eagles? We’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll find out what baby eagles are called, what do they eat, how they learn to fly, plus photos, videos, and live streams to baby eagles, their parents, and their nests.

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How Many Species Of Eagles Are There?

There are more than 60 different species of eagles in the world. The sad truth is that more than 30 species are considered vulnerable, threatened or endangered!

The majority of eagle species are found in Africa and Asia and only two in North America – the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). These two popular eagle species (and their babies!) are going to be the topic of this post.

The founders of the United States were fond of comparing their new republic with the Roman Republic, in which eagle imagery (usually involving the golden eagle) was prominent.

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What Are Baby Eagles Called?

Baby golden eagle
Baby golden eagle

Baby eagles are called eaglets. They hatch from one of two to four eggs in the nest. Baby eagles are very competitive and it is not uncommon that a bigger eaglet will attack and kills its younger sibling(s), especially early in the nesting period when their sizes are very different.

When Are Baby Eagles Born?

Baby eagle’s eggs hatch from mid April to early May, and the young fledge late June to early July. Fledging is the stage in a bird’s life between hatching or birth and being able to fly.

What Do Baby Eagles Look Like?

Baby eagles weigh about 3 ounces and are covered in white and grey downy feathers. It takes a juvenile eagle about 4 to 6 years to get all its adult feathers and look like a powerful icon that they are.

Baby bald eagles
Baby golden eagle
Baby golden eagle

Female bald eagles are a bit bigger than males.

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What Do Baby Eagles Eat?

Eagles are opportunistic carnivores and they will hunt any animal of a reasonable size. Well over 400 animals are on the menu for them. Both parents feed the eaglets by tearing pieces of meat and delivering it to the young. Parents do not ensure that all their baby eagles are fed equally and so the largest eaglet gets the majority of the food.

Bald eagle’s name comes from an old English word, “balde”, meaning white. These graceful birds have been the national symbol of the United States since 1782.

What Do Baby Eagles Sound Like?

Baby eagles make chirping sounds when they hatch just like baby chicks. When they’re older, they start sounding more like their parents.

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What Are Baby Eagles Like?

Baby eagles are just like any other baby chicks, chirping and waiting for their parents to bring them food. They start to imitate their parents to learn how to fly by training in their nest or on the neighboring tree branches.

Baby golden eagle
Baby golden eagle

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When Do Baby Eagles Hatch?

Baby eagles hatch in the order in which their eggs were laid. For golden eagles, the incubation period is from 40 to 45 days and for bald eagles, it’s around 35 days.

Baby eagle may be heard from within the egg about 15 hours before it begins hatching. After the first chip is broken off of the egg, there is no activity for the next 27 hours. After this period, the hatching activity accelerates and the shell is broken apart in 35 hours. The chick is completely free in 37 hours!

How Do Baby Eagles Learn To Fly?

We all know that eagles make nests in really high places like mountain ridges and tree canopies. For example, trees used for nesting in the Greater Yellowstone area average 89 feet or 27 m high. So, high do baby eagles avoid getting hurt and learn how to fly safely?

How do babies and kids learn anything? They learn by imitating their parents. And baby eagles are the same. They start by flapping their wings and hopping to nearby branches (if in trees). This is called branching and helps improve wing coordination.

Baby eagles will do this until they are strong enough to actually spread their wings and leap of the nest into the air. Sometimes, their parents even kick them off the nest, either on purpose or by accident. It’s sink or swim then for baby eagles.

Eagle nests are called aeries and are built by both parents. The nest-building activity is part of their pair bonding.

When Do Baby Eagles Learn To Fly?

Baby bald eagles learn to fly or fledge at about 10-14 weeks of age and baby golden eagles fledge in 7-11 weeks.

When Do Baby Eagles Leave The Nest?

Baby eagles usually leave their nests when they’re 10 to 12 weeks old. They do not leave their parents completely as they’ll often stay for another month or two close by to continue learning how to hunt and tend for themselves. After that, it’s bye, bye birdie!

Where Do Baby Eagles Live?

Baby eagles live in nests that their parents built on top of tall trees or mountain ridges. Most bald eagle nests were found within 660 ft (200 m) of open water.


Do Baby Eagles Return To The Nest?

Some parents come back year after year to the same nest, adding more sticks, twigs, and grass each time. But baby eagles that are now juvenile or adult are not permitted to return to their original nest (their birth nest). They will be aggressively chased away by their parents just like any other intruder would.

Baby eagles do sometimes return to the original area to make their own nests though.

The largest recorded bald eagle nest, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, was 9.5 feet (2.9 m) in diameter, 20 feet (6 m) deep, and weighed almost 3 tons (6,000 pounds)!

What Is The Baby Eagle Survival Rate?

Around 50% of baby eagles survive their first year, depending on the habitat they live in. For instance, 100% of 39 radio-tagged bald baby eagles survived to their first year in the Chesapeake Bay area.

In the western Rocky Mountains, 50% of baby golden eagles, died by the time they were 2 and a half years old and an whopping 75% died by the time they were 5 years old.

Photos Of Baby Eagles In Their Nest

Baby bald eagle
Baby bald eagle
Baby eagle in a nest
Baby eagle in a nest
Baby Eagle
Baby Golden Eagle

Photos Of Baby Eagles And Their Parents

Bald eagle repairing nest for eaglets
Bald eagle repairing nest for baby eagles
Mother bald eagle and baby eagle
Mother bald eagle and baby eagle
Baby eagle with mom
Baby eagle with mom

Photos Of Baby Eagles Feeding

Bald eagle feeding fish to eaglets
Bald eagle feeding fish to baby eagle
African Fish Eagle feeding eaglet
African fish eagle feeding baby eagle
Baby golden eagle
Baby golden eagle

Photos Of Baby Eagles Flying

Baby eagle flying with mom
Baby eagle flying with mom
Black baby eagles flying with mom
Black baby eagles flying with mom
Baby eagle flying above its nest
Baby eagle flying above its nest

Watch Baby Eagles Live

You can find all the live streaming eagle cams that are available at any moment here on YouTube. Here are a few that were live at the time of writing of this post.