A Bear Attacked A Woman While She Was Using The Toilet: “This Has Never Happened To Anyone Before”

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Black Bear Attack

A black bear attacked a woman in Alaska while she was using an outdoor toilet. Sharon Stevens was wounded by the bite and claws of the animal, the BBC reports.

Alaska biologist Karl Koch speculates that it is a black bear based on photos of clues he saw and testimonies of other people living nearby who sent a photo of the bear they spotted on their property a few days earlier.

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North American Black Bear And Cubs
North American Black Bear And Cubs

“Sharon Stevens is the only person in the world to have this happen,” Koch said.

Sharon said she jumped and screamed after feeling a bite while using the toilet, and after hearing the scream, her brother ran over to see what was happening and then saw the bear’s head.

The next morning they found traces of a bear.

This experience taught them an important lesson. “You definitely need to be a lot more careful in nature,” they concluded.


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