This Man Feeds Raccoons With Hot Dogs Every Night, Now The Video Went Viral

A man named James Blackwood called himself “Raccoon Whisperer.”

James lives on the east coast of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia and has been caring for raccoons living in the local forest for 25 years. James also has a YouTube channel where he shares parts of his daily life taking care of these little animals. Recently, one of his videos, in which he was filmed feeding a pack of adorable raccoons with hot dogs, went viral.

When the bucket empties, James enters the house and a few moments later returns with a new bucket full of hot dogs. He then brings the raccoons a bucket full of cookies dipped in chocolate. Finally, James brings them a bucket of dog food. He discovered that he took care of the raccoons because that was one of the wishes of his wife, who passed away.

“I fulfilled everything she asked for. I took care of the cats and her mother for the next ten years. Now I also take care of the raccoons. Thank you all for the kind offers of money and gifts, but I can’t accept, I’d rather donate to local conservation associations animals in your area, ”James said.