Slow Loris Quiz – Cute But Deadly?

Slow Loris Quiz

Welcome to our Slow Loris Quiz!

How well do you think you know slow lorises?

These online superstars can "break" the internet. But...

Deep-rooted beliefs about the supernatural powers of slow lorises, such as their purported abilities to ward off evil spirits or to cure wounds, have popularized their use in traditional medicine.

Slow lorises are openly sold in animal markets in Southeast Asia and smuggled to other countries, and due in part to the large eyes that are an adaptation to their nocturnal lifestyle, they have also been popularized as 'cute' pets in viral videos on YouTube.

All this has led to each of the slow loris species that had been identified prior to 2012 being, unfortunately, listed as either "Vulnerable" or "Endangered".

Don't be fooled, they make poor pets as they are nocturnal, have specialized diets, are difficult to care for, and often die from infection, blood loss, improper caring, and handling or inadequate nutrition.

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To pass the quiz you need to answer all the questions correctly. You cannot move on to the next question until you've answered the current one correctly.

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