Do Foxes Eat Deer? (And Who Eats Foxes?)

Are deer the target of wild dogs, such as foxes? If not, what do foxes eat? Keep reading for more information on the relationship between foxes and deer (as well as some other animals) in the wild. 

Do foxes eat deer? A fox is not a typical predator of deer. This is simply because a fox is just not big enough to take down a full-grown deer. Plus, foxes do not hunt in packs, so it’s too hard for them to attack an animal that is bigger than them, such as a deer. With that being said, if a fox comes across a deer that is already dead, they would eat it.  

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What do foxes eat? 

What do foxes eat?
What do foxes eat?

If foxes do not eat deer, what do they eat? Even though a lot of people think that foxes are carnivores, they are actually omnivores, so they will eat a combination of meat and plants. They are good hunters and will often eat small mammals like rabbits and rats, small birds like pigeons, frogs, and even earthworms.

They are also scavengers, so they will eat a dead animal if they come across one. This includes dead deer, as well as any roadkill that they find. Plantwise, foxes will snack on berries and other fruit that they can get a hold of. Additionally, a fox that lives near people or in an urban area will also scavenge for food in trashcans to see what they can find. 

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Do any wild dogs eat deer? 

Even though foxes are too small to hunt larger mammals like deer, there are some wild dogs who will eat deer. Wolves primarily prey on large, hoofed mammals, such as deer. In some northern US states where wolves are found, the wolf’s primary prey is the white tailed deer. Wolves will also eat other animals such as moose, beavers, hares, caribou, bison, sheep, elk, and mountain goats.  

Coyotes also eat deer! Studies have found that in most cases, deer will make up the largest portion of a coyote’s diet. Coyotes will sometimes hunt in packs and when a group of coyotes hunts together, they are able to bring down bigger animals, such as elk, pronghorn, and wild sheep. On their own, coyotes will also hunt for rabbits, hares, birds, groundhogs, prairie dogs, gophers, and chipmunks. 

Dingoes are a type of wild dog that is found in Australia and in some parts of Southeast Asia. Dingoes will hunt deer, as well as sheep, kangaroos, rabbits, rodents, and birds. Like foxes, dingoes also enjoy eating fruits and other plants as well as meat.  

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Who are deer’s predators? 

On top of wolves, coyotes, and dingoes, deer have many other natural predators. Large cats, such as bobcats and mountain lions, as well as bears (especially the brown bear aka grizzly bears), are big predators of deer.  

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Where in the world do foxes live? 

Okay, now back to foxes! Where exactly do foxes live? Foxes can be found in a variety of habitats all over the world. Foxes live in forests, mountains, grasslands, and deserts. In these locations, foxes will dig burrows (which are also called dens) which provides them a safe place to sleep, store food, and take care of their young pups.

These dens also have tunnels with multiple “rooms” and several exits for the fox to escape if they feel threatened by another animal.  

As for where in the world these animals are found, foxes live on multiple continents and in dozens of countries. Foxes can be found in parts of North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and northern Africa.

Here in North America, the red fox is found in every state except Florida, as well as every providence in Canada, extending up to the arctic tundra.  

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Do foxes have any predators? 

Even though foxes are predators to many other animals, foxes are also prey to some bigger animals. Fox pups are often the target of eagles and coyotes, while adult foxes are sometimes attacked by larger animals, such as bears, wolves, or mountain lions. Of course, humans are the biggest predator of foxes, who often kill foxes because they feel they are a pest or to get their fur.  

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