31 Capybara Gifts And Merchandise For Capybara Superfans – Capybara Gift Guide

Capybaras are the best! I talk about capybaras soooo often on this website but this time I thought to do something different.

After a friend asked me where I bought my capybara t-shirt, I decided to share the links here to that shirt and other awesome capybara items. Here’s my shirt:

[lasso ref=”dont-worry-be-capy-t-shirt” id=”4705″ link_id=”8934″]

Are you looking for a friend or yourself? Either way, I hope you’ll find something you love here.

Here are the best capybara gifts on the market!

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Table of Contents

Capybara Books

If you like to read books, you are in luck. There are more than a few good books on capybaras. I’m only mentioning a few below and I personally own Capybara – A Complete Owner’s Guide and I can’t recommend it enough.

Capybara Bags & Travel Accessories

Now might not be the best time to travel (June 20) but once the situation does go back to normal, we will travel the world capybara style.

Capybara luggage tag

[lasso ref=”adorable-capybara-luggage-tag” id=”4678″ link_id=”8937″]

This adorable capybara luggage tag will make your luggage (or anything else you attach it to!) stand out.

Capybara laptop carrier

[lasso ref=”capybara-computer-laptop-bag” id=”4687″ link_id=”8938″]

Laptop carrier bag is available in three sizes and is great for everyday use. And… it is adorable!

Capybara messenger bag

[lasso ref=”capybara-messenger-bag” id=”4690″ link_id=”8945″]

Modern messenger bag that every capybara fan would wear with pride.

Capybara TSA locks and scale

[lasso ref=”capybara-tsa-locks-and-luggage-scale” id=”4695″ link_id=”8947″]

Keep your luggage safe and know beforehand how much it weighs.

Capybara luggage cover

[lasso ref=”capybara-luggage-cover” id=”4699″ link_id=”8950″]

Make your luggage look amazing in mere seconds with this easy-to-use capybara luggage cover.

Capybara Stickers

I love stickers the most because they are so versatille and you can put them on almost anything!

Capybara Toys

I’ll admit, I have a kid, but I would cuddle with these plush capys in no-time.

Capybara T-Shirts and Hoodies

There’s a famous saying “hell is other people’s t-shirts”, but in this case I think it’s more like Heaven!

“I Like Capybaras” hoodie

[lasso ref=”i-like-capybaras-funny-hoodie” id=”4703″ link_id=”6562″]

This awesome and funny hoodie is available in four different colors and is a great buy for someone special (ie. you!)

Capybara Socks

I love quirky socks. They are low key and a great conversation starter.

I hope you liked some of these capybara gift ideas. Again, you can gift them to yourselves. You deserve a treat as well. 😉