Are Corn Snakes Nocturnal?

Corn snakes are a popular pet choice for many because of the variety of their patterns and vibrant colors as well as their non-aggressive nature. Everyone can get up close and personal to corn snakes when they are owned as a pet. But one of the few things that new corn snake owners often ask is are corn snakes nocturnal’? 

Even though corn snakes hide under the loose bark of trees, in old abandoned buildings, or in animal burrows during the day, they are not strictly nocturnal as they are most active during dusk or at dawn instead of night.

In captivity, artificial lighting is used to support the day-night cycle for corn snakes as UVB provided by this light can be beneficial for their health also. 

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Is it easy to take care of corn snakes? 

Yes, it is easy to take care of a corn snake if you have set up its vivarium with the right humidity and temperature. If they are young you have to feed them once a week whereas grown-up corn snakes have to be fed once a fortnight. Usually, they do not share their vivarium with other snakes as they like to live alone. 

How long does a corn snake live? 

Normally most corn snakes live for nearly 15 years but in some cases, they can live up to 20 years. So while keeping them as a pet you will have to take care of them for a long time. You will have to look after them throughout their life after bringing them home.

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Do corn snakes shed? 

Yes, like all other snakes corn snakes also shed. As they grow they shed their top layer. This process happens every week when they are babies and developing snakes but after becoming an adult they shed their entire skin including eyelids and tail every few months. When their eyes turn cloudy or blue then you can know that it is time for them to shed. 

Do they need artificial lighting? 

No, lighting is normally not needed for corn snakes as during the day they are not very active. They need a regular cycle of day/night to be active. But if natural lighting is not properly received in their vivarium then you will have to add light with a timer to adjust its brightness as required. 

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What do corn snakes eat? 

Corn snakes eat meat like all other snakes. Mice and rodents are the main part of their diet. In a vivarium, you can give them frozen mice to eat as it is easy to buy them and keep them separately in the freezer from human food. While feeding corn snakes you will have to defrost the frozen mice.

You should also provide a dish of water in its vivarium so that it can soak into it. It will not only provide water to your corn snake to drink but also help in shedding and maintaining humidity in the environment. The water should be changed at least once a day. 

How frequently should you clean the vivarium? 

The enclosure of the corn snake should be cleaned frequently by using a solution of 5% bleach and then allow it to dry in the air. It is easy to spot clean vivarium frequently because they normally go to the bathroom once or twice a week. The substrates should also be changed completely after every one or two months or earlier is required. 

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Are corn snakes venomous or aggressive species? 

No, corn snakes are neither venomous nor aggressive as they are one of the more friendly serpent breeds. They can be handled easily by their owners as they are docile by nature. However, it is better to handle them for a short time period. You should not handle them for more than 10-15 minutes. Though it is easy to handle corn snakes regularly, before handling them you should ensure that they have eaten their food several times successfully.

Younger corn snakes should not be handled more than once a week. After feeding the snake you should wait for several days before handling it so that it can digest its food effectively.