18 Amazing Facts About Squat Lobsters

Squat Lobster Facts

Squat lobsters are amazing crustaceans that are extremely elusive and hard to find. But we did manage to find 18 amazing facts about them. Join us on a journey to the bottom of the sea. 1. General Information Phylum: Arthropoda  Subclass: Eumalacostraca  Superorder: Eucarida  Order: Decapoda  Suborder: Pleocyemata  Infraorder: Anomura  2. What Exactly is a Squat Lobster?  Squat … Read more

Do Lobsters Have Brains, Feel Pain or Have Emotions?? (And Do They Live Forever)

Do Lobsters Have Brains

We’re all familiar with lobsters. Even if you’ve never had one, they’re pretty much ubiquitous by now. People usually only think of them in terms of a luxury dinner and aren’t looking at them as living, breathing creatures. But you, my dear reader, are obviously different, and you have more questions about lobsters than how … Read more

Are Lobsters Arachnids? (Are They Just Big Bugs?)

Are Lobsters Arachnids?

By now most people know that spiders and scorpions belong to the same class of animals, the arachnids, and lobsters look very much like scorpions of the sea. Therefore it makes sense to wonder about the relationship status between spiders, scorpions, and lobsters. Do they all belong to the same category? Are lobsters arachnids?  No, they are not. All … Read more