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Why Are Animals Always Hungry?
Why Are Animals Always Hungry?

If you have a dog, you might have noticed how they will eat every drop of food in their bowl and still beg you for more. Are they really that hungry all the time? Here we will take a look at why some …

beekeeper saved a swarm of bees with her bare hands
13 and a half million views: This beautiful beekeeper saved a swarm of bees with her bare hands

A video of a blonde beekeeper rescuing a swarm of bees with her bare hands has appeared on TikTok. Erika Thompson is a professional beekeeper, so she knows what she’s doing, but many were amazed…

What Is The National Animal Of Germany?
What Is The National Animal Of Germany?

Did you know that some countries have chosen national animals? Mostly these are animals that are – or have been – prevalent in the specific country, often they also chose animals that repr…

Friendship Between A Man And A Swan
The Story Of The Friendship Between A Man And A Swan Has Touched Millions

When Recep Mirzan saw a wounded swan in a field in the Turkish province of Edirne in 1984, he had no idea that he would become his best friend. He was in a car with friends and spotted a swan with a b…

This fox traveled 4,400 kilometers to reach Canada from Norway
This Fox Traveled 4,400 Kilometers To Reach Canada From Norway

A young female Arctic fox traveled 4,404 kilometers on land and in the frozen sea to reach the Canadian island of Ellesmere from Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbar…

Black Bear Attack
A Bear Attacked A Woman While She Was Using The Toilet: “This Has Never Happened To Anyone Before”

A black bear attacked a woman in Alaska while she was using an outdoor toilet. Sharon Stevens was wounded by the bite and claws of the animal, the BBC reports. Alaska biologist Karl Koch speculates th…

World's 1st Platypus Refuge
World’s 1st Platypus Refuge In The Works

World’s first refuge for endangered platypus, whose purpose is to save these unique Australian animals from the effects of climate change that has changed their natural habitat, will open northw…

Carnivorous Plants Create Small Magnetic Fields
Study: Carnivorous Plants Create Small Magnetic Fields That May Be Used For Communication

ONE of the most famous carnivorous plants, the Venus flytrap ( dionaea muscipula ), is fascinating enough in itself, and now scientists have discovered another of its amazing prope…

Do wild animals get cancer
Do Wild Animals Get Cancer?

Most pet owners know that it is not a good idea to smoke close to your pet since cats and dogs are as susceptible to lung cancer as humans are. But what about those kinds of animals that never come cl…

A rat awarded a tiny gold medal for his bravery
A rat awarded a tiny gold medal for his bravery

Magawa, a giant African baggy rat, has been awarded a tiny gold medal for saving lives by searching for landmines in Cambodia.

Watching Cute Animals Is Good For Your Health
Science Says Watching Cute Animals Is Good For Your Health

You know that after watching the video of puppies and kittens you feel good, and now there is data to confirm that.

Yellow Turtle
No, this is not cheese in a cheeseburger, this is an animal. Can you guess which one?

In late July, a farmer from eastern India found a rare yellow turtle that experts attribute to albinism.

Racoon Whisperer
This Man Feeds Raccoons With Hot Dogs Every Night, Now The Video Went Viral

James lives on the east coast of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia and has been caring for raccoons living in the local forest for 25 years.

Penguin Alfred Date
This 109-year-old spent the last years of his life knitting sweaters for little penguins

ALFRED Date decided to spend his last years doing something good for the world. He started making miniature sweaters to protect penguins exposed to oil spills, to ensure they stay dry.

Oldest penguin dies
Oma (46), The Oldest King Penguin In Zoos, Has Died

OMA, a female king penguin considered the world’s oldest penguin in zoos, has died at the age of 46 in western Germany.

Crow Welcomes Tourists With ‘Y’Alright Love’

People visiting Knaresborough Castle in North Yorkshire were in for a treat. They were being greeted by a talking crow.

capybara social distancing
Dining With Capybaras

A zoo in Japan is using stuffed animal capybaras to maintain social distancing at their restaurant. And it’s not just any old zoo, it’s the legendary…

Wuhan A Wildlife Sanctuary?!

In an effort to stem the transmission of viruses from animals to humans, the local Wuhan officials have banned the eating of wild animals, and farmers in neighboring regions are being offered cash inc…

Millions Of Farm Animals To Be Culled

COVID-19 made the world a super complicated place to live and unfortunately, animals are not spared of its influence as well.

85m Views! Is This The Worst Wild Animal Video On YT? I Was Shocked

Welcome to my “This Is The Worst” series of posts where I am highlighting what I encounter online and find to be shockingly bad.

Tiger King is Coming Back!

Love it or hate it, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness was and still is a phenomenon in this strange world we live in.

They Found This Tiger Where??

When officers in Houston, Texas got to a house in the residential part of town after an anonymous tip, they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.

You Won’t Believe Which City This Is

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen some amazing footage of animals taking it to the empty streets all over the world, from Wales to Thailand.

Some Good News From Brazil As Bolsonaro Sends Army To Amazon 3 Months Earlier

The Brazilian government has launched a military deployment to try and protect the world’s largest rainforest.

Want To See Capybaras 24/7? Now You Can, Via Live Stream From Taronga Zoo

Need your daily fix of capybaras or other animals like tigers, otters, meerkats and others? Then get onboard the live stream from this Sydney zoo.