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The giant panda is also more commonly known as panda or even panda bear and is a cute animal that is native to south-central China. It’s one of the sweetest creatures on planet earth, and it is extremely popular amongst children and adults alike.

Do Pandas have tails? The answer is a firm yes. Pandas do have tails. However, the size of the tail is quite small and it does not normally measure more than twelve centimeters or five inches. This is equal to around 1/10th of its overall body length.

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Do Pandas Have Tails?
Do Pandas Have Tails?

What’s The Size of Its Tail?

For an ordinary person without the right knowledge about pandas, it may not be easy to see its tail. This is because the tail is often covered by a thick layer of fur. The fur hides the tail and panda bears love to keep their tails close to their body. The average size of a panda tail should be around 4-6 inches (10 to 15 centimeters).

However, when it comes to baby pandas, the tails are visible quite well. In fact, the tail of a baby panda is almost equal to 25% of the size of its entire body. At birth, the length of a baby panda’s tail should be around 4 centimeters in length. 

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What is The Color of Panda’s Tail? 

Normally pandas have black and white color all over the body. However, when it comes to their tails, they are totally white and this makes them look beautiful. 

What is the function of Panda’s Tail? 

The tail of these beautiful animals is useful in protecting a specific area where the glands are located. They also use their tails in a unique way. They are often seen using them as a brush. This helps to produce certain hormones and the odor of the hormones is left behind because they are sprayed all over the place by the tail of the pandas.

Male pandas use the tails to mark their territory. This helps in creating a male group leader and it is a part of the dominance hierarchy so common with almost all animals. The males also use their tails to spread their scent around and it comes in handy during the mating season. The female pandas are attracted to it when she is in heat. 

Let’s look at some other interesting facts about the pandas!

  1. A newborn panda cub is almost around 1/900th the size when compared to its mother. It is extremely small and fragile and its size could be compared to the stick of ice cream.
  2. It’s one of a few animals that have six digits on its paw. Five fingers are normal like all other animals and human beings. However, it also comes with another growth which is often referred to as a pseudo-thumb. This actually is perhaps a wrist bone that is enhanced. It comes in handy when holding bamboo while it is eating.
  3. They also have long nails and perhaps only sloth bears have longer nails when compared to the panda.
  4. The population of pandas reached a critical stage a few decades ago. There are many reasons for this. They were hunted down brutally and more importantly, female pandas have the capacity to ovulate only once a year. Their fertility levels are active only for two or three days in a year. 
  5. Panda is referred to as a cat as per Greek mythology. They are also known to be constantly in motion.

Red Pandas – Do They Have Tails? 

This is another common question that comes to the mind of many people who would like to know more about pandas. Yes, even red pandas have tails. The red panda and the giant panda have some loose biological and genital connection. 


We are sure that the above few lines would have set to rest the doubts with regard to the question do pandas have tails. They do have tails and they make use of it, though the size may not be as long as other animals.