Do Bears Eat Wolves? (And Vice Versa)

Bears are normally not targeted by wolves as they are among top predators like mountain lions. But bears and wolves can kill each other whenever a confrontation arises between them. Let’s dive in deeper…

Do bears eat wolves? Bears are much larger than wolves and on that account, they will sometimes kill and eat wolves. However, both of these animals can sometimes target youngsters of other species to kill them and eat them. It really is a dog eat dog world out there.

Though wolves are known as one of the top predators there are many other wild animals that can eat wolves. These animals include polar bears, grizzly bears, scavengers, Siberian tigers, and humans. Sometimes a wolf can also eat another wolf but it usually happens very rarely. Normally these animals attack and eat wolves mainly due to territorial conflicts between them. 

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Bear and wolf stand-still
Bear and wolf stand-still

Though wolves are considered top-class predators due to their agility, strength, speed, and intelligence, they can be attacked by other animals according to the “survival of the fittest” rule of wildlife. Usually, other animals target weak, old, injured, or pups of wolves instead of young and powerful wolves and eat them. 

What do bears eat? 

Technically black and grizzly bears are Carnivora, and being omnivores they eat almost everything including insects, plants, insects, animals, and fish. 90% of the diet of bears is based on plants and insects as they give them energy with low calories to patch up their habitat throughout the year.

But most of the non-costal bears also rely on carrion as well as moose, newborn elk, caribou, and deer as well as sometimes wolves. as meat and fish are a good source of fat and protein. 

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How bears attack and eat wolves? 

Bear and wolf walking alongside each other
Bear and wolf walking alongside each other

All species of bears including polar, black, and grizzlies can attack and eat wolves whenever they get an opportunity. Wolves are normally found near all types of bears as they normally grow in various parts of the world in different climatic conditions.

Though bears are considered as one of the top predators usually they do not confront wolves. But when they see a threat from the other species or are instigated by others then they can attack each other. 

However, both of these species can conquer each other as both of them have their own plus points. On one hand, wolves are found in large numbers and are speedy whereas on the other hand bears are stronger and larger in size. In the event of a confrontation, both of these species attack the cubs or weak members of the other species to kill and eat them. 

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Which other animals can eat wolves? 

Along with bears, there are several other animals that can attack and eat wolves. These animals may include: 

Siberian Tigers: These tigers from the family of cats are naturally the most famous predators of wolves. Until the start of the 20th century, wolves were not found in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in Russia due to the large population of Amur or Siberian tigers. Wolves started growing in this area due to a decrease in the population of these tigers due to various reasons. 

Siberian tiger
Siberian tiger – wolf predator

Scavengers: Scavengers like vultures and hyenas eat wolves once they are dead but they usually do not attack live wolves. They eat dead wolves irrespective of the reason for their death. 

Wolves: Usually wolves live in packs which may normally include 8 wolves of all sizes and ages. A pack may include a male, a female, and their pups. Usually, they do not fight with other packs of wolves but sometimes they can kill one or two members in their own pack. However in harsh times, more particularly in the winter season when it becomes hard to get prey, they may kill and eat another wolf for their survival. 

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Do humans also kill and eat wolves? 

Do humans also kill and eat wolves?
Do humans also kill and eat wolves?

Humans are also considered as one of the main predators of almost all animals including wolves as people with different tastes can use the variety of weapons they have to satisfy their hunger due to their increasing population. People in many parts of the world hunt wolves not only to eat them but also for getting their fur as well as having fun hunting them.