Do Baby Spiders Bite? (Can They Be Dangerous To You??)

Do Baby Spiders Bite?

People love to tell horrifying stories about insects and spiders. There is just something about these creepy critters that makes one’s skin crawl, and urban legends about dangerous spider bites do have a lot to do with how we turn largely harmful creatures into the protagonists of horror movies. But are all spiders aggressive and dangerous? … Read more

What Do Spiders Taste Like?

What Do Spiders Taste Like

All over the world, various insects are seen as a delicacy. Believe it or not, eating bugs is considered the norm, as opposed to an exception like we might think. Grasshoppers, worms, and other grubs are common snacks to eat in many places, but what about spiders? Do any cultures eat spiders? And what do … Read more